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Project Name: Project Thrive

Belmont University is the largest ecumenical Christian university in the state of Tennessee and is located in the heart of Nashville. As a member of this vibrant city, Belmont longs to be at the forefront of strengthening the work of local congregations in their efforts to thrive in the contextual settings in which they are found. For many, the definition of a “thriving congregation” is tied to the simplistic metrics of rising attendance figures and budgetary growth. Belmont, however, believes that there are far better ways of measuring the characteristics of a thriving congregation. A thriving congregation is one that believes it contributes something meaningful to both the Kingdom and the community. A thriving congregation offers hope to its members and hope to its world. Thriving congregations have a clarity of missional identity and respond to community changes while offering authentic Good News through prophetic proclamation, acts of service, community engagement, reconciliation initiatives, and welcoming practices. Using appreciative inquiry, congregational assessments, leadership development opportunities, retreats, and church consulting, the Belmont leadership team is engaging 18 local congregations in the core of Nashville over the next five years to develop thriving characteristics for each church.

Location: Nashville, TN
geographic scope: Local
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Contact: Jon Roebuck