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Project Name: Next Generation Parish

In 2017, Catholic Leadership Institute launched a groundbreaking initiative to comprehensively support thriving faith communities and their leaders: Next Generation Parish. This transformative four-year journey renews parish life, fosters engagement among parishioners, strengthens parish identity, deepens relationships with God, and encourages a missional love that pours out into the larger community and the world. The pilot is at work in five founding dioceses: Orlando, Jackson, Biloxi, Fort Wayne-South Bend, and Philadelphia. Catholic Leadership Institute is in a position to learn more, do more, and share more support, data, and visionary leadership with our Church. Catholic Leadership Institute is poised to extend the reach of Next Generation Parish and the learnings gleaned from this dynamic initiative to more dioceses and parishes across the country who are ready to look to the next generation and face the future with fortitude, faith, and a solid foundation upon which to build.

Location: Malvern, PA
geographic scope: National
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Contact: Daniel Cellucci