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Project Name: Sacred Sector Familia

The Center for Public Justice (CPJ) -- a Christian, independent, and nonpartisan organization -- and the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) -- representing over 40,000 evangelical Hispanic congregations -- work to strengthen the capacity of Hispanic congregations in Texas to draw on their faith-based assets to proactively understand and engage their quickly changing environments. The program is deeply connected to CPJ’s mission to equip citizens, develop leaders, and shape policy in pursuit of the purpose to serve God, advance justice, and transform public life. The program, Sacred Sector Familia, builds on the existing experience of congregations from within NHCLC’s network with CPJ’s Sacred Sector initiative. These congregations represent Hispanic evangelical churches, many of which are Baptist. NHCLC also works closely within its network of place-based state and regional associations of Hispanic congregations, specifically the Hispanic arm of the Texas Baptist Convention and the San Antonio Baptist Association. CPJ, in partnership with NHCLC, proposed Sacred Sector Familia to address the question: “How can Hispanic congregations advance their capacity to thrive through drawing on their distinctive, sacred animating beliefs and practices as assets in understanding and responding to changing cultural and societal environments?”

Location: Alexandria, VA
geographic scope: Regional
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Contact: Chelsea Langston Bombino