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Project Name: Practicing Resurrection: Communal Transformation from the Inside Out

This program addresses a need for congregations to connect deeply and authentically with the problems they see around them: using their faith as a guide for transforming the world into a more just place and united in partnership beyond traditional boundaries like age, race, wealth, and geography. CDF believes congregations thrive when these connections are strong -- yet leaders and congregation members struggle with how to forge and sustain these connections amongst themselves and with their wider communities. CDF staff and partners build on decades of experience to gather pastors, youth leaders, and other lay leaders from 12 racially and denominationally diverse congregations for a collective learning journey that transforms and strengthens connections within and beyond their communities. Through a series of intimate retreats, virtual workshops, and community-building with others around the country, participants reflect on what is preventing their congregations from thriving, identify the gifts they bring, expand their capacities and resources, forge new relationships, and, together, begin the difficult process of transformation from the inside out.

Location: Washington, DC
geographic scope: National
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Contact: Julie Clover