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Project Name: Wholistic Development for Thriving Hispanic Congregations

The goal of this program is to see an increased number of thriving Alliance Hispanic congregations. They are growing fast, yet there has been surprisingly little research into how and why they thrive. Using the principles of positive deviance, appreciative inquiry, and other qualitative research, the C&MA wants to discover what makes Hispanic congregations thrive and share these lessons in learning communities (congregational cohorts). The C&MA has been using Anglo church development tools translated into Spanish, but this is not always best. This program strategically identifies resource needs by examining thriving congregations and applying those lessons throughout the United States. This model can also be adapted for non-Hispanic ethnic congregations (610 churches and 75,872 members). The Alliance is excited about the opportunity for growth in community with Hispanic congregations in other Christian denominations through sharing lessons learned from this program.

Location: Colorado Springs, CO
geographic scope: Regional
Contact Information
Contact: Ivan Marti