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Project Name: Common Inspiration

Common Inspiration is a powerful new initiative that deeply integrates the current life, programs, joys, and challenges of Ecclesia Ministries' unique homeless congregation with housed churches from across Christian denominations and socioeconomic backgrounds. The program's goal is to inspire a fruitful and lasting collaboration, cultivating new pathways where all participants can imagine a future in an ever-changing world while deepening relationships with Christ. common cathedral is uniquely positioned to launch this initiative. For 24 years, it has been a church for those calling the streets and shelters of Boston "home." It tends to the souls of those society has passed by. common cathedral feels that now, more than ever, it needs to strengthen or grow partnerships with a diversity of churches while all recalibrate church models in order to flourish in these challenging times. Through Common Inspiration, participants will find ways to learn from each other, support each other, and, as a collective, find ways to become stronger and more attentive to the needs of their Christian community.

Location: Boston, MA
geographic scope: Local
Contact Information
Contact: Amanda Grant-Rose