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Project Name: Cultivating Communities Initiative

This project aims to see congregations thrive in our post-Christian world and to share the fullness of this life -- the habits, the joys, the struggles -- with other congregations. The Cultivating Communities Initiative supports all congregations that desire to learn and grow as a thriving congregation. The combined networks of Englewood and Missio Alliance contain a broad swath of the Christian tradition: including evangelicals and mainline Protestants; low churches and high churches; theologically conservative churches and theologically progressive churches; rural, suburban, and urban churches; large churches and small churches. The aim of this initiative is the development of a nationwide network of regional cohorts in which congregations commit to learning and growing together in conversation. This initiative also creates materials and gatherings that orient congregations across this network toward thriving. Although the modern age has been one of fragmentation, this project believes that we are not condemned to this fate. Rather, as we immerse ourselves in God’s mission of healing and reconciling all things, we will find a life of deeper connection in our congregations: deeper connection with the members of our church and our neighbors, as well as deeper connection with other congregations.

Location: Indianapolis, IN
geographic scope: National
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Contact: Roberto Solis