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Project Name: Maximizing Church Building Assets in Advancement of Mission and Ministry

Recognizing that the pandemic is changing the world that congregations occupy and serve more rapidly than ever before, and that challenges to -- and opportunities for -- thriving and serving are also greater than ever, the two Episcopal dioceses in Indiana are collaborating on this project to build parish health by helping them maximize the value of their properties in service to mission. The dioceses are creating a program that integrates diocesan resources that have been successful in igniting congregational thriving, with proven tools, trainings, and resources from partner organizations Partners for Sacred Places and Indiana Landmarks. This collaboration builds healthy, thriving congregations throughout the state of Indiana, able to fully activate their spaces and enliven their buildings in partnership with their communities in a way that is sustainable and generates new resources for parish life. The dioceses also disseminate this project widely so that it can serve as a national model that excites and informs other judicatories across the nation.

Location: Indianapolis, IN
geographic scope: Regional
Contact Information
Contact: Linda Buskirk