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Project Name: Thriving Bi-Vocational Congregations

Through an ongoing commitment to bi-vocational ministry and from conversations with bishops, canons, and other leaders in the Iona Collaborative, the seminary recognized an urgent need to revitalize many Episcopal congregations led by bi-vocational and part-time clergy. To respond, the seminary invited 22 bi-vocational congregations to send three leaders each to join one of two three-year peer learning communities that seek to envision new life in a changing world. With the seminary's guidance and support, including creation of additional online resources, these two peer learning communities become labs for experimenting with traditional spiritual practices. Their churches then implement these practices as tools to understand and embody bi-vocational ministry, discern their core vocations, explore the theological coherence of their mission and values, transform congregational relationships with their wider local communities, and facilitate growth in Christian maturity of individuals and congregations. These bi-vocational congregations thrive in the course of revitalized and reimagined ministries for Christ's service to the world.

Location: Austin, TX
geographic scope: Regional
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Contact: Nandra Perry