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Project Name: New Skills for a New Era

Fresno Pacific University seeks to adapt and expand the reach of its current services to the diversity of congregations in California’s Central Valley with special focus on small to mid-sized Spanish-speaking and under-served congregations while continuing services to traditional congregations. The goal is to help leaders and congregants develop a toolbox of resources to advance mission and ministry effectiveness in a new era, one of great change. The program has three significant components: (1) a series of certifications in skill sets designed to form a ministerial toolbox crafted to directly address the issues congregations are facing in their communities, such as joblessness, homelessness, financial exploitation, substandard education, and community change; (2) an online Certificate Program in Community Leadership and Transformation (Certificado) delivered in Spanish to pastors and lay leaders who do not have the privilege of leadership or theological training, along with mentoring from experienced practitioners; and (3) a series of theological equipping events, workshops, and trainings focused on both English- and Spanish-speaking churches, assisting them with the development of transformational values, theological preparedness, relational networks, and practical service options to thrive in a dramatically changing demographic and economic landscape.

Location: Fresno, CA
geographic scope: Regional
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Contact: Randy White