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Project Name: D’ART Collective: Extending Christian Discipleship through the Arts and Technology

Technology and the arts have become a lifeline for Americans in isolation. Dramatic shifts in how churches can effectively deliver the Gospel require a specific skill set, professional guidance, technology training, and access to additional resources. For many low-resourced churches, COVID-19 has completely stopped congregational activities. As states begin to reopen and ease social distancing restrictions, churches need specific and trusted guidance on how to reopen safely and engage religiously unaffiliated populations now and beyond these pandemic times. In response to the above, Hampton University has proposed an assemblage of tools and resources titled The D'ART Collective: Extending Christian Discipleship through the Arts and Technology, a program for congregational learning and leading. Revering the knowledge, experience, and traditions of the past while creatively embracing the future is at the heart of this work to help congregations thrive and reach individuals who claim no religious affiliation and young people who choose not to join churches.

Location: Hampton, VA
geographic scope: National
Contact Information
Contact: Debra Haggins