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Project Name: Congregational Faith and Learning Center

The Congregational Faith and Learning Center at Hood Theological Seminary (TCFLC) aims to provide training and faith engagement directly to congregations in the community by being a place to "educate, empower, and equip” congregations. Today, congregations and churches are dealing with changes in spiritual discipleship, church attendance, age demographic concerns, cultural changes, social media growth, technology advances, immigration issues, variations in Christian practices, increasing millennials, elderly care, child care delivery, social justice issues, and liturgical programmatic changes, just to note a few of the concerns. Using a strategic planning learning model, TCFLC develops congregational coaches, offers hands-on training to various congregational members and leaders, gathers congregational research information, and identifies congregational best practices to put into action. The focus includes improving congregations in three key areas: congregational internal stability, congregational external relationship engagement, and congregational mission and ministry excellence. An advisory board of denominational leaders, bishops, congregational leaders, community leaders, and pastors assist in identifying thriving and non-thriving congregations and congregation leaders, and they are trained as congregational coaches and facilitators. TCFLC started with 25 congregational cohorts in Western North Carolina (WNC) with model coaching, experiential learning, and improved traditional learning efforts, which are proven methods for effective adult learning. TCFLC will continue to expand throughout North Carolina and the Southeast, working with upwards of 100 congregations over five years.

Location: Salisbury, NC
geographic scope: Regional
Contact Information
Contact: Rona Williams