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Project Name: Charity to Change

This project scales Leadership Foundations' Charity to Change program. Begun in 2017 in partnership with Redeemer City to City, Charity to Change has equipped 30 local congregations with the skills, knowledge, and tools essential to build closer connections with their local communities, to develop a better understanding of their socio-cultural context, and to be responsive to their most pressing needs. Initial evaluation demonstrated strong evidence that participation in this project resulted in increased perception of preparedness and confidence engaging in ministry. The project plans to engage 75-150 urban congregations -- representing diverse ethnicities, denominations, and ecclesial traditions -- based in 15 U.S. cities. Delivered in partnership with 15 LF affiliates, congregations participate in a 14-month experience that includes monthly community engagement trainings, individualized coaching, congregational implementation and mobilization, and a collaborative demonstration project. Through their participation in Charity to Change, congregations are equipped to draw upon the theological resources embedded within their own traditions and implement concrete tools to engage with their surrounding communities effectively, thereby becoming more thriving bodies of believers.

Location: Tacoma, WA
geographic scope: National
Contact Information
Contact: Noah Baskett