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Project Name: Linking Student Practice with Congregational Learning

Lexington Theological Seminary’s Thriving Congregations project focuses on the congregation’s ability to thrive in its particular context. The project's goal is to help 23 congregations understand their own mission and vision, role of the pastor, role of an empowered laity, and ways to measure success. Over the course of the project’s five years, the Seminary is offering webinars, annual gatherings, and resources specially designed for these particular congregations. The congregations are divided into five learning communities that allow them to engage in peer-to-peer networking and relationships. The project director is developing an ongoing repository and has built a website for these congregations to access as needed. Ultimately, the Seminary's hope is that these congregations will thrive and that the Seminary’s curriculum will be adapted as needed to train new pastors for congregational thriving in years to come.

Location: Lexington, KY
geographic scope: Regional
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Contact: Erin Cash