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Project Name: School of Love: Life Together in Christ for Others

School of Love seeks to build and inhabit "ancient-new" structures of discipleship for thriving congregations in our time. To accomplish this goal, School of Love directs cohorts of about 30 participants from targeted local congregations. The cohort participants are equally People of Color (POC) and white, and most are pastoral, lay, and denominational leaders. For a period of 21 months, inter-cultural cohort participants inhabit historic rhythms of life together for the sake of deep formation into the Christian life and justice and beloved community across systemic divides in Winston-Salem. These embodied rhythms signal School of Love’s unique contribution to the church in our time: School of Love is not solely, or even primarily, offering sound content to be inserted into pre-existing ecclesial structures. School of Love is, instead, attempting to create and legitimize new structures themselves. The purpose of these structures is a change in love in the lives of cohort participants and local congregations, an entire way of life together oriented toward love of God and neighbor in Christ. In addition, School of Love intends for each cohort’s un-cloistered life together to empower new structures that function beyond the cohorts themselves (e.g., ecclesial reparations). In this vision, School of Love foresees the impact of disciples and congregations practicing their faith richly and disciples and congregations practicing their faith interculturally. Thriving disciples and thriving congregations go hand-in-hand.

Location: Winston-Salem, NC
geographic scope: Local
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Contact: Clay Cooke