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Project Name: Living the Word Ministry

The North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church (NCCUMC), the governing body for UMC churches east of Burlington, N.C., will work to refine the Living the Word Ministry-Wilson model and replicate it in two additional N.C. counties. How do we live the Word? A jurisdictional body of members who are 97% white, the NCC-UMC established dismantling racism as one of its priorities during the tenure of Bishop Hope Morgan Ward. The goals of LtW are to develop and implement a collaborative community ministry; foster congregational leadership and vitality; develop church-to-church collaboration; and promote collaboration between congregations and other community organizations. Congregations self-identify, assess their own readiness to participate, and form congregational teams of 3-5 clergy and laity members to participate in LtW. Members form a congregational learning community and take part in a year-long process of reflection, discernment, and skill-building that begins with a series of asset assessments. The NCC-UMC will expand and refine the church leadership and vitality activities of the LtW ministry by developing the congregational learning and action program; hire an outside evaluator to help staff and participants refine core LtW-W model activities and outcomes; and replicate the LtW-W justice and equity ministry model in 2 additional counties.

Location: Garner, NC
geographic scope: Regional
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Contact: Steve Taylor