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Project Name: Oikos Accelerator

The Oikos Accelerator empowers congregations around the U.S. to align money and mission by creatively using their buildings and property to further their mission and build financial resilience. In the New Testament, Oikos is the Greek term for household. It is also the etymological root of economics and ecology. The Oikos Accelerator draws on all these three meanings: how a congregation's home, its property, might be both a gift to its local community and generate additional income. We will partner with 50 congregations over a period of 15 months to help congregations understand the changing context in their local community; imagine how their core mission and theology shape their use of buildings; experiment with new, innovative uses of their building and property that both further mission and generate income; expand their capacity to experiment, try new things, learn from failure and try again; and launch a social enterprise!

Location: Rochester, MI
geographic scope: National
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Contact: Mark Sampson