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Project Name: Resilient Congregations

Congregational teams throughout greater Seattle will be equipped with a defined, replicable process so they can realign congregational identity, belonging, and mission in response to ongoing cultural and contextual change within their own neighborhoods. At the end of this project, participating congregational teams will have greater clarity about their identity, belonging, and mission. To create thriving congregations, learning cohorts will have the opportunity to expand and enhance their relationships with organizations and individuals in their neighborhood. The participating congregations will also effectively exercise listening-oriented and adaptive leadership, leading to clarity about congregational identity, belief, and mission. Congregations will enable a responsive ministry design that is integrated with their congregational identity and ecclesial tradition. The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology will provide hands-on experiential training with multiple congregations throughout the city. We will share these learnings and program outcomes broadly through writings, guidebooks, webinars, and instructional videos.

Location: Seattle, WA
geographic scope: Regional
Contact Information
Contact: Kate Rae Davis