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Project Name: Third Day Church Project

The Catholic Bishop of Chicago-St. Sabina Church plans to launch the Third Day Church Project. St. Sabina is committed to being a faith community that imitates Christ and builds a Third Day Church, that takes dominion (Genesis 1:28), takes possession (Joshua 1: 10-11), and makes disciples through training up followers of Christ (Matthew 28: 18-20). For over 104 years, St. Sabina has listened to the needs of the community, making it a priority to adjust to the changing social and cultural context of the city and country. St. Sabina has remained at the forefront of fighting for justice for the marginalized and oppressed, working collaboratively with churches and organizations on a local and national scale. St. Sabina is a Catholic Church whose constituency is over 95% African American. The members come from a variety of social-economic statuses, and there is a mix of Auburn Gresham residents and commuters who attend. St. Sabina will invite participant churches from all Christian denominations with more than 200 registered members and less than 3,000. St. Sabina expects to facilitate three cohorts over four years. St. Sabina will select nine churches to be a part of the cohort each year, totaling 27 churches completing the program. St. Sabina will guide churches through the LEARN model. LEARN stands for listen, empower, assess, resources, and network. St. Sabina will also develop an online learning portal as a continuing education component of the model.

Location: Chicago, IL
geographic scope: Regional
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Contact: Jocelyn Jones