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Project Name: Thriving Immigrant Congregations Initiative

The Paul Hiebert Center for World Christianity and Global Theology of Trinity International University will implement the Thriving Immigrant Congregations Initiative (TICI) by forming two cohort learning communities, each consisting of 12 immigrant congregations from diverse backgrounds. Prompted by recent socio-cultural changes in our society, an increasing number of U.S.-born, second-generation adults are choosing to participate in their ethnic, immigrant congregations. This growing and unexpected trend, in turn, pressures their predominantly first-generation congregations to reshape their ministries so that these English-speaking, second-generation members would be embraced as equal partners. Through this five-year project, the Hiebert Center will guide the participating congregations to learn how to respond to this and related challenges by developing new ministry practices that are innovative and yet rooted in their spiritual and cultural traditions. As the result of this project, each participating congregation will learn to grow not only as a healthy intercultural and intergenerational community of faith but also as a vibrant witnessing community that extends its ministry and service beyond its ethnic boundary. Finally, the Hiebert Center’s participation in this project will significantly increase the center’s capacity to collaborate with the growing community of immigrant congregations and contribute to the emerging intersection of U.S. and world Christianity.

Location: Deerfield, IL
geographic scope: Regional
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Contact: Peter Cha