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United Methodist Church of Los Altos

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Project Name: Changemaker Church Project

We aim to launch a national movement of Changemaker Churches. Laypeople are the connection between their churches and their rapidly changing communities. They embody their churches’ social and cultural contexts. Changemaker Churches make disciples by empowering them, integrating the compassion-expanding and spirit-deepening practices of the Christian tradition and the tools of innovation that today effect change in the world. Changemaker Churches enact their mission when their lay members’ discipleship is active and effective, located not only in the church but in the places of their personal passion and calling: their families, workplaces and neighborhood relationships. The Changemaker Church Project will provide a three-year learning journey for 12-20 local churches to support their growth as Changemaker Churches. We will uncover and support in each church’s pastor and laypersons, through a diverse, inter-generational learning cohort, an impassioned, active, changemaking discipleship that happens at the intersection of personal calling, the compassion of Jesus, Christian formation, and design thinking practices — all directed toward transformation of communities and the world. We will foster the thriving of these congregations as communities where a changemaking way of discipleship is integrated into congregational culture, structure, community, and practices. We will gather and nurture a hub of congregations to catalyze by 2025 a movement of Changemaker Churches, mutually encouraged, emboldened and equipped to “risk something big for something good.”

Location: Los Altos, CA
geographic scope: Local
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Contact: Kim Jones