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Project Name: Thriving Congregations Initiative

Vibrant Faith’s Thriving Congregations Initiative is designed to help congregations thrive by strengthening ministries that help churches deepen their relationships with God, enhance their relationships with one another, and contribute to the flourishing of their communities and the world. The Initiative helps 30 congregations from six denominations renew and revitalize church life through innovation in discipleship and lifelong faith formation. Vibrant Faith believes that vital and vibrant lifelong faith formation can renew and revitalize the faith life of all ages and contribute towards building a vital and thriving congregation that lives its mission. Vibrant Faith has developed the project around four core purposes:
1. Formation through Christian Practices -- Congregations will engage all ages and generations in a year of formation through historic and time-honored Christian practices that are both personal and communal. This engagement will take place through intergenerational (all ages together), family, and life-stage-specific Sunday worship programming, as well as service and justice ministries.
2. Research -- Congregations will build on their year of formation by engaging the community in researching their changing context and the lives of people in the church and the community.
3. Mission Clarity -- Congregations will analyze how historic Christian practices and their research findings can provide clarity about their mission today and discern their communal practices that make their mission more responsive to context.
4. Innovation -- Congregations will utilize the historic Christian practices to innovate and revitalize church life and ministries through the development of new projects that deepen mission and respond to the needs of people today and the changing context.

Location: Chapel Hill, NC
geographic scope: National
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Contact: Nancy Going