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Project Name: Baptist Commons Project for Thriving Congregations

Wake Forest University School of Divinity forms faith leaders who offer responses of justice, reconciliation, and compassion to the diverse needs and challenges of the world. We must also equip the congregations who have the mission to respond in the same way. Regrettably, divinity schools do not always have the space needed to work effectively with churches. At Wake Divinity, we have the Baptist Commons, a vital asset that is a bridge between Wake Divinity, congregational leaders, and churches who strive for justice. We will facilitate learning communities from nine regions with each of the nine cohorts consisting of three Baptist churches connected to the Baptist Commons and three partner churches of these Baptist congregations. As a result of participation in this program, participants will be able to clarify their mission and values as related to justice, reconciliation, and compassion; create formation practices for the morals, ethics, and spirituality of their congregants and their surrounding community; interrogate their historical role (or lack thereof) as justice-seekers in their region; understand their theology, doctrine, and ecclesial practices; and develop effective collaborative leadership styles to implement change and keep their mission and values before them.

Location: Winston-Salem, NC
geographic scope: Regional
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Contact: Jonathan Walton