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Project Name: Awaken Dane

For two millennia, Christian practices have awakened congregations to God’s activity in their communities. The constellation of practices that make up our way of life give us eyes to behold ourselves, our world, and God. In all of this, new imagination for God’s work in our community is opened wide. Our proposal offers a response to the scholarly research conducted by Dr. Christopher James involving 317 congregations in Dane County — the county in which Madison, Wisconsin is located — and his subsequent formation of Missio Madison. Awaken Dane represents a growing partnership between five Christian organizations who long to see congregations in Greater Madison thrive. The Wisconsin Council of Churches has partnered with Collaboration Project, The Missional Network, University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, and Upper House to develop a learning community experience designed to help congregations thrive. In the five-year cycle of Awaken Dane, as many as 40 congregations of diverse Christian traditions — 20% of the churches in our city — will participate in a cohort experience intended to awaken them to God’s call, form life-giving friendships and partnerships, and fuel their love and understanding of the place where they abide.

Location: Madison, WI
geographic scope: Local
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Contact: Christopher James